Candidates for Commissioners & Directors

Dr Ir Fadel Muhammad - President Commissioner

Fadel Muhammad (FM) was born in Ternate, Indonesia, on May 20, 1952. He attended Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) where he read Engineering Science in the Faculty of Industrial Technology. An excellent student, he was actively involved in various student bodies and was honoured with an Outstanding Student award in 1975. In 2007, he obtained his PhD (with Honours) in Public Administration from University of Gadjah Mada for his work into Local Government, and attended Stanford University USA. On his capacity as Governor, he had spoken in United Nations Global Forum on Reinventing Government.

Fadel has a long and successful history as a professional engineer and entrepreneur. In 1978, together with his classmates, he started the pioneering engineering company, PT Bukaka Teknik Utama. Beginning with the manufacture of motorized mechanical equipment and quickly expanded to become the leader in mechanical engineering and manufacturing in Indonesia. The company also expanded into other areas including infrastructure development, energy and telecommunications. PT Bukaka Teknik Utama had its IPO in 1994 where he served as CEO; he resigned from the position in 1997.

GEMA Group is FM's personal investment and business holding entity. He serves as Chairman of the Board and oversees business interests in energy, ship building, oil &gas, maritime equipment, commodities, industrial processing and real estate. Gema Group has held JVs with leading international companies around the world. Continuing partnerships include Sembawang Corporation (PT SMOE), NEC Japan (PT Indonesic), Sumitomo (PT EJIP – East Jakarta Industrial Park), Bumi Armada (PT Gema Armada Nusantara). Prior successful partnerships include SingTel (PT Bukaka Singtel), Brown & Root (PT Gema SemBrown), Bayer (PT Bayer Urethanes), Schlumberger (PT Dowell, Anadrill Schlumberger) among many others.

Fadel has a long history of public service. A member of the MPR-RI since 1992, he's served as the Vice President of Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN). From 2001-2009, he served as the Governor of the Province of Gorontalo; in 2009, he was appointed to serve as a Cabinet Minister to the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, a position that he held till 2011. From 2014 he has been elected as a member of The House of Representatives chairing Commissions of Finance, Development Planning and Banking Affairs, and Energy, Mineral Resources, Research & Technology and Higher Education. For more than 30 years, he has been a member of the major political party GOLKAR, and presently serves as the Vice-Chairman of the Party.

He carries memberships the Asean Business Forum (ABF), the Young Presidents Organization International (YPO), Indonesian Engineers Association (PII), American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME); he also sits on the Advisory Board of The Association of Indonesian Moslem Intellectuals (ICMI). In addition, he has served as Chairman of the Al-Khairaat Foundation for the past 20 years; founded in 1930, it is the largest institution in Islamic education serving the eastern part of Indonesia.

He has been recognized for his service as both a businessman and a citizen. He received the Presidential Award from the Republic of Indonesia (UPAKARTI) in 1989 for his dedication to the Development of SmallScale Industry. He received the Presidential Award again in 1990 for his contributions to the Development of the Industrial Sector (SATYALANCANA PEMBANGUNAN) as well as recognition from the Indonesian Society of Engineers (PATI) for services in technology advancement. Fadel was awarded the Lee Kuan Yew Fellowship Award by the Republic of Singapore in 1994 for contributions to the development as well as the relationship and goodwill between both countries. As a Governor, he had been honoured by the United Nations Development Program for his efforts in poverty eradication. The improvements in the province during his governorship and contributions to the country development were recognized by the state with further Presidential Awards in 2006 (KETAHANAN PANGAN ABADI), in 2007 (SATYALANCANA PEMBANGUNAN), and the latest in 2014 (BINTANG MAHAPUTRA ADIPRADANA).

Adrian Rusmana MBA - Commissioner

Started his career in 1994 as a research analyst at PT Waterfront Securities, then as Head of Research PT BNI Securities (1997-2006), Research Director PT Kresna Graha Sekurindo(2006-2007), Director PT HD Capital (2008-2009), Equity & Research Director PT Sucorinvest Central Gani (2009-2011), Director of Equity Capital Market & Research PT Trimegah Securities (2011-2013), and as Expert Staff in Finance to President Director of PT Dok & Perkapalan Kodja Bahari (Persero).

Currently he he is the President Director of Dana Pensiun Pertamina, since March 2016. Obtained Bachelor degree in Finance from University of Kentucky, and MBA in Finance from Cleveland State University, USA. Currently is a lecturer in Prasetiya Mulya University graduate program's Mergers & Acquisitions course since 2012.

Abhaya Bhushan Chatterjee - President Director

Educational Qualifications

  1. MBA (Finance) from Newport University, California in 1988
  2. Master of Commerce (Specialisation. Advanced Accountancy & Business Statistics) from University of Rajasthan in 1980. (India)
  3. Post Graduate Diploma in Banking & Finance from University of Rajasthan in 1982. (India)
  4. Post Graduate Diploma in Foreign Trade from University of Pune in 2003. (India)
  5. AICMA-CGMA –Final 2018

Career Achievement

  1. Started Career as Management Trainee in 1982 in Rajasthan Tourism Dev. Corps. Ltd (India) & reached to the level of CFO/Finance Director in PT CG Power Systems Indonesia in 2007 (Indonesia)
  2. Worked as Head of Finance in various industries, Hotel & Tourism, FMCG to Big Capital Goods Industry in Power Sector & now in Oil & Gas.
  3. Last 10 years in Indonesia as Member Board of Directors.

Technical skills Experience (INDIA, INDONESIA & PACIFIC REGION)

  1. Financial Accounts, Costing & ERP (SAP)
  2. Banking, Corporate Finance & Tax structuring
  3. M&A – Acquisitions in Indonesia & SEA
  4. Project Financing of Green Field Plant
  5. Commercial Disputes Resolutions
  6. Working Capital Management, Operating without any Cash Loans
  7. Risk Analysis & Mitigation

Business skills Experience

  1. Instrumental in Increase of Turnover to multifold.
  2. Contracts Finalizations
  3. Purchase Negotiations
  4. EPC Business Establishment in Indonesia
  5. Business Reviews, M&A activities

People skills Experience

  1. Least Employee Turnover in Last 8 Years
  2. Cross Functional Training Programs
  3. My self-conducting Training for Finance for Non Finance
  4. Monthly Review of Every Subordinate
  5. Quarterly Refresher Programs

Leadership skills Experience

  1. Other than Finance, Looking after, General Administration, IT, Commercial, Exim & Warehouse
  2. Interdepartmental Conflicts resolution
  3. Functioning as CEO in his absence

Gist of Expertise

  • Core Competence in Manufacturing /EPC & Service Cos for more than 30 years, 12 Year's Experience & knowledge of Indonesian laws and Taxes, SAP FI/CO, M&A, Banking as well as Financial arrangements.
  • Expertise is Sales Commercial & Commercial operations, legal contracts, Complex LC/BG, delivery & manufacturing arrangements.
  • Expertise in Baking Products & Operations, raising funds & bank limits, Managing large Cash flows, Financial Accounting & Taxes.
  • Responsible for Finance & accounts, Financial Risk Management, Insurance, Taxation, Commercial, IT & Administration.
  • Controlling & handing additional activities of Corporate Secretary, Treasury, Internal Audit, Taxation & MIS, Excellent Exposure in handling, Procurement, Sales Commercial, EXIM Logistics, Administration, IT, Warehouse and EPC Business & Contracts in Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia & New Zealand as well as taxation thereof.
  • Handling Multiple Legal Entities in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand, Australia etc.
  • Experience with PWC/Deloitte/E&Y & KPMG auditing.
  • Implemented IFRS in Indonesia & Indian GAAP Conversion.

Dindot Soebandrio S - Director

Multi-disciplinary and innovative Petroleum Geologist with over 31 years experiences in Exploration, New Venture – Basin Study, Exploitation - Development and Operation Geologist. Consider ability to inspire and support teamwork; enthusiasm to work towards common objective; high level of accountability includes responsibility; develop ideas, contribute to value additional to the company and teams. Perform the good skill with industrial standard environment.

Before joining Sugih Energy, I worked for Medco (previously name Stanvac) from 1981-2008 assigning various provessional positions of Development Geologist, Exploration Geologist, Regional Geologist and also managerial positions as Petroleum Geoscience Manager, Asset Manager of Merangin I PSC block. In 2008-2012, I joined Mitsui Oil Exploration Company (MOECO) as New Venture Geologist.

Current Job Responsibilities

  • propose and monitor operation budget schedule inline with the exploration work program
  • maintain good relationship with SKKMIGAS and Government
  • Manage G&G and Associates to ensure the drilling program, Exploration study and Acquire Seismic
  • Create a comprehensive geological concept for Exploration & Development wells
  • Update and review the Exploration & Production Project to achieve the target and goals of the company scenarios
  • Monitoring daily activities among the G & G's group.
  • Generate, coordinate and evaluate of request to drill proposal packages for every exploration wells.
  • Involve in preparing the POD-POD for new discovery wells and fields.

Work History

  • 2012-Present : Asset Coordinator of PT.Sugih Energy Tbk, covering onshore areas of Lemang PSC, Kalyani PSC (South Sumatra), and assigned as Act.GM of Selat Panjang PSC (Central Sumatra) blocks in 2016 for 7 months.
  • 2008 – 2012 : New Venture Geologist in Mitsui Oil & Exploration Company (MOECO) : Exploration Potential review assessment projects: Evaluate petroleum system and Exploration potential both onshore and offshore in Sumatra,Jawa,Kalimantan,Makassar Strait, West Papua.
  • 2007 – 2008: Senior Exploration Geologist in Medco as a Contract Employee : Generate, coordinate and evaluate drillable prospects in Kampar PSC Block, Central Sumatra. September 2007 regular retirement from Medco
  • 2005 – 2007 : Asset Manager of Merangin I PSC block in Medco :
    Establish prospects ranking for the generation of drillable prospects in Merangin I PSC block.
    Prepare the Exploration Work Program and Budget
    Perform Technical Committee Meeting and Operation Committee Meeting for partners.
    Coordinate and approve of Authorization To Drill (ATD) proposal as part of Exploration Commitment in Merangin I PSC Block
    Basin study and geological evaluation in the Jambi & S.Sumatra areas
    Prepare and review the relinquishment obligation as a part of exploration commitment in Merangin I PSC Block.
  • 2003 – 2005 : Petroleum Geoscience Manager in Exspan-Medco :
    - Coordinate and manage the G & G's group in the evaluation study of hydrocarbon potential in the Indonesian Basins
    - Evaluate the competency of the G&G's group regarding performance appraisal
    - Advice and support the application of new Exploration concepts and methods to increase oil & gas reserves in Medco areas
  • 1998 – 2003 : Development Geologist Section Head in Exspan
    - Coordinate core description projects in order to define depositional environment both in clastic and carbonate rocks.
    - Generate, coordinate and evaluate of request to drill proposal packages for every development wells in Kampar, Rimau and Tarakan fields
    - Involve in the POD preparation for new discovery fields.
    - Conduct in technical meeting with teams and Manager.
  • 1993 – 1998 : Senior Development Geologist in EXSPAN
    Area : South Sumatra (Kaji Semoga, Soka, Lagan, Tabuan-S.Tabuan, Langkap); Central Sumatra (Merbau- Lirik, Parum, E.Kayuara); East Kalimantan (Tarakan, Mamburungan)
    - Develop and propose well locations to delineate 1P and 2P areas
    - Generate; Isopach map, Facies map, Net sand map, Net oil Pay map and prepare Requesition To Drill (RTD) and well montage.
    - Create stratigraphic & structural well to well correlations in the development field areas
  • 1990 – 1993 : Regional Geologist of Surulangun block in Stanvac- Pertamina JOB
    - Hi-grade Leads by using new concept
    - Prepare Drillable Prospects Montage
    - Perform Surface Geological Survey around Surulangun area
  • 1983 – 1990 : Development Geologist in Stanvac
    - Monitor operation of all well exploration and share or inform of main objective include logging program to Drilling Department
    - Entry Geological data to main database computer, include latitude and longitude location, spud date, completion date, thick of sand, oil pay, formation tops.
    - Evaluate petrophysical data and sidewall core lithology and cutting sample of the Central & South Sumatra Basins
    - Proposed work over program in order to increase production, with evaluation potential zone in old field
    - Review and evaluate hydrocarbon reserves
    - Responsible for detail core description by analyze property of rock ( grain size, texture, fabric, composition and sedimentary structure), depth matching core depth and log depth, facies and depositional environment analysis of S.Tabuan and Tabuan field.
  • 1981 – 1983 : Well Site Geologist in Stanvac
    - Drilling operation monitor for exploration wells and evaluated primary and secondary objective of well prospects, include monitor wellsite geologist and mudlogger activities on rig.
    - Prepare well final report together with G&G of exploration, delineation & development well and sent to BPMIGAS

List of Publications

  • The Depositional Environments of Tabuan-S.Tabuan Fields Based on Log Signature and Core Description, South SUmatra" : IAGI (Ikatan Akhli Geologi Indonesia) Annual Convention, 1984, Jakarta
  • "The Petroleum Geology of Tanjung Laban Field, South Sumatra" : 17th IPA (Indonesian Petroleum Assossiation) Annual Convention, Jakarta
  • "Kaji-Semoga, Indonesia's Largest Onshore Oil Discovery in the Decade of 1990-2000" : AAPG (Assosiation of Amirican Petroleum Geologist) International Conference & Exhibiion, Bali, Indonesia.
  • "Carbonate Depositional Model of Kaji-Semoga" : IPA Annual Convention 2006, Jakarta

Training & Workshop

  • Attended various courses and seminar for clastic & carbonate reservoirs, Petroleum Geology and Exploration Concepts in Indonesia, French, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand and USA Professional Members
  • Indonesia Petroleum Association (IPA),
  • Indonesia Geologist Association (IAGI)
  • Association American Petroleum Geologist (AAPG).
  • Society of Petroleum Engineering (SPE)
  • Society of Petrophysicist and Well Log Analysis (SPWLA)