Operations - Exploration & Production
Selat Panjang PSC Block

Sumatra, Indonesia

The Selat Panjang PSC is located in the eastern region of Riau Province, Central Sumatra, Indonesia.
In July 2013, Sugih obtained 55 percent participating interest and operating rights to the Selat Panjang PSC through the acquisition of 55 percent of shares in Petroselat Ltd., the operator of the block.

The gas & oil producing areas in Selat Panjang PSC block (Bakau, Rawa Minyak & Selat Panjang)

The Selat Panjang block is Sugih’s first producing asset, with daily output of oil was approximately 300 bopd, and is expected to produce approximately 5 mmscfd of gas starting in 2017. The block covers of a total retain area of 946.25 square kilometers and consists of two major formations, Sihapas and Pematang.

The Sihapas formation has been in production since 1994 with average total annual production of 100,000 barrels of oil, and it has remaining reserves of approximately 7.28 mmbo (2P). Additionally, the Pematang formation has recoverable reserves of approximately 32.7 mmbo and 245 bcfg (2P).

Based on geological and geophysical studies , the Selat Panjang block has 7 prospects with total resources of approximately323 mmbo and 1,455 bcfg.
The remaining 45 percent of Petroselat Ltd., is held by Petrochina International Selat Panjang Ltd.,

Selat Panjang Block have a potential oil and gas to be developed. Oil potential was proven from the Sihapas and Upper Pematang Formation while gas potential coming from Non Marine Sihapas and Middle Pematang Formation. Based on POD Pematang, to drain oil and gas potential in Pematang required 25 oil wells and 12 gas wells.

The location of 1800 bbls Oil Tank Storage at SP area.
Oil Tank Storage at Rawa Minyak area can accommodate 1400 bbls capacity.

Additional programs in Selat Panjang Work Program &Budget , after having the block extension approval, Petroselat proposed to drill 4 gas wells to fulfill gas requirements from Local Goverment Bussiness Unit (Badan Usaha Milik Daerah/BUMD) that will be deliverred to Kawasan Industri Butun (Industrial Butun Area)and Petroselat will execute these drilling campaign after signing the GSA and Block Extension Approval (September 2021).

Location of the X-mass tree of SP-4 well.

This is the one of gas candidate location to be drilled twin well.

The objective of the reservoir is Mid Pematang formation at estimate depth of 2,500 mtr.
One of the separator equipment at Bakau area which dedicated for BA-7 well.
The 12,000 bbls oil barge capacity is docking at Jetty site of Rawa Minyak area.

The crude oil lifting will deliver to Sungai Pakning Oil Terminal station in the northern area.

There are 2 wells were selected as a pilot project for fracturing campaign,this program will be very good to optimize oil production from Upper Pematang Formation.
Petroselat will focus to develop gas project especially for PLN and keep open opportunity for the next potential buyers to optimize production & economic and will also prepare gas flare utilization program for optimizing the revenues.

Drillable Prospects-Leads area and Potential Resources of hydrocarbon in Selat Panjang PSC block.



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